To Critic, Criticise, and remain Good

After spending the whole Saturday half sleeping, half surfing, and half doing nothing, I finally made to McDonald’s before the day end. I wasn’t planning to. Or precisely, I wasn’t aware there was one around. But lucky to have found it.

The feeling after taking my order was, ‘oh my coffee shop.’ Of course not McDonald’s. But definitely got reminded of where my mind functions best at.

The contradiction that hit my mind was about charity. We all agree it is maybe the hardest thing to be; a critic of something so adorable and divinely held by some.

This month a number of people have been challenged to take on a bucket of ice over their heads. Apparently for a very good course. ALS. I only got to know about it when it went viral on social media. For that, you might want to say I lack moral authority to not only critic but mention about it.

But an interest about it has grown enormously in me. Explicitly when my friends in Japan started to spread the challenge. I remembered with fondness that at this time it’s super hot summer there. What a timing! Having your head poured with anything cold is perhaps among the best gifts anybody can give you in Japan heat moist summer. I would have singled out some individuals who I thought were cooling themselves off summer heat because we are tightly close to each other. I’m absolutely sure they’ve got no idea of not only ALS but how charity could change anyone’s life. But I won’t mention names, for my name sake.

Then today I’m seated at MacDonald’s. Attention of my eyes is caught by a similar poster. But it’s asking people to run. Run for kids. See, we’ve had this great causes all along. And they are great. Creativity to sensitise each one of us to delve more into serving each other is a huge welcome.

But I won’t let go the fact that I have not yet found a suitable answer to my scepticism. How do you criticise a good course. How do you choose to participate armed with a focus to lasting solutions.

How do you not become a part of those whose involvement unwittingly exacerbate and requisites “issues” that ensure calls for charitable actions. We are creators of our own world. We make or unmake our worlds based on the choices we make. It could be only a single move to think deeply before or in the process of being involved that might be the solution we need.

The necessity to reason need not to be underestimated. For the power to shape our world is in the ideologies we have allowed to govern us. And self governing is what should concern us the most.

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