To Critic, Criticise, and remain Good


After spending the whole Saturday half sleeping, half surfing, and half doing nothing, I finally made to McDonald’s before the day end. I wasn’t planning to. Or precisely, I wasn’t aware there was one around. But lucky to have found it.

The feeling after taking my order was, ‘oh my coffee shop.’ Of course not McDonald’s. But definitely got reminded of where my mind functions best at.

The contradiction that hit my mind was about charity. We all agree it is maybe the hardest thing to be; a critic of something so adorable and divinely held by some.

This month a number of people have been challenged to take on a bucket of ice over their heads. Apparently for a very good course. ALS. I only got to know about it when it went viral on social media. For that, you might want to say I lack moral authority to…

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