Thai Sojourn; Taxi, the good one!

Sad moments easily provoke deep thoughts, therefore I do write mostly when sad thoughts have booted me down. But while this is so, happy moments too instil their won inspirations, although they allow limited time for jotting down the greatness in those moments.

I was anticipating the sabbath with great eagerness. I wanted to try out a church in my own, and for a moment reinforce the authentic me that delights in religiosity. This was however not to be. Though having spent my saturday doing almost nothing, having turned down the social event from colleagues, Sunday morning was no easy day to wake up. I will only blame the great conversations online that kept me feeling close to my people everywhere. Some got real hooked up, one actually promised me a visit to my hotel, only for me to wait till now.

It is perhaps the feeling of meeting a friend we met in Tokyo that took off all the feeling of guilt, having spent the day doing literary nothing. Hours before taking a shower, the inter phone rang and requested that a window needed a fix. I usually find it hard to say no, unless you read my mind and discern that I am saying NO. But the gang seemed having a plan way before. I did not confront, because I recon that I also harbour the same weakness. But I was overall glad that they fixed the noise that has been keeping me awake for most of the time.

Since they took longer than I expected, I decided to practice the swahili saying, that whoever chases you away, does not necessary have to shout at you. You can well contexualise the mood for yourself and “read the atmosphere” as Japanese do. Even after getting to the bathroom and coming out dressed in towel tied on my loins, none seemed to comprehend that I wanted to start off my journey. But they were doing good things, and you don’t scold anybody doing good to you.

They managed to finish before it was too late. So I get going downstairs. I knew I had to take a taxi. But something kept me standing and seemingly thinking. I tried after a long while to wave the taxi. There stood an old man, he never understood for any moment where I said I wanted to go. SO he slams the door and left. He indeed confirmed my fears that Taxi’s are more terrible than in Nairobi in Bangkok.

I had no option but to wait for the next one. A nice handsome looking faced woman. I almost thought it was a he, but I was wrong. Same thing happened. She seemed not to clearly understand what station I was talking about. But she was different, she waited for an alternative explanation from a Thai who supposedly understands better what I wanted. When I boarded, she was eager to do anything she could to communicate. She had limited worlds of English, so she used her mobile phone to make it work.

When I got near the place of meeting, none of us was sure. I made a humble suggestion to her. That she would consider calling the friend I was meeting and see if I am in the right place. She gratefully accepted. And this overwhelmed my heart. She totally changed my image of all the taxis I have boarded while in Thailand.

I met my friends. They made me feel so much worth and welcomed. We ate meat, drank, and enjoyed every single moment. I wanted to express my gratitude to the taxi driver. So I told my friend about her. And there we concluded, “I love people who do good to folks they know not about.” Isn’t that what makes life beautiful? That we can server people who we seek no direct benefit from? People we haven’t met? That is what makes life worth.

The company of my friends was amazingly awesome. Feeling a part of a community is getting off your tense moments and participating freely. Knowing that you are not judged. And being given a room to be you, just you, and nobody else. This is the freedom that brings healing and manifestation of all potential. The point where limitless community begins.

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