We’re, we’ve all got a wonder!

The day before sabbath, a holy day, was exceptionally a surprising day. As usual, I spent my lone days at my favourite coffee shop. I had my day planned, that after sometimes of readings, I would go to Shinjuku, xxxxxx. All went as planned, so by half past nine in the evening I began my journey. Different form the previous days, I was to have a debut of half night clubbing. All details of the last train checked, and recorded in my memoirs.

Near the police station, just a few meters to the sss district just while waiting for the green lights so as to cross over, somebody taps me at the back. I was totally unexpecting that anybody I know would be around. Even if there was, at least people whose visit to a sss districts wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

How did you notice me? We are quite fond of meeting each other, at times at very unexpected places! But yea, here! I wasn’t just thinking of any possibility. So what are you up to here? Waiting for a friend? What type of a friend? Oh, from Yale? My professor happens to be from Yale too!

Something in me conforms, or should I say convicts me to think that we have so much in common. I feel completed whenever I speak to you. I can’t tell why, but there is complete satisfaction that comes with being by your side. Once I saw the friend he was waiting for, I wanted to be away from them, of reasons I am totally unaware of. He looked familiar, and my faded memory couldn’t recall clearly where I saw or met him. But I was sure of one thing, he does belong to Shinjuku sss sss, the sss district.

When sdss, whom we attended same christian school, asked me where I was going to, I quickly cooked up a story. To see my friend. I forgot the name of the exact building, but I do remember where it is. I know the direction. Then quickly made sure that the conversation didn’t go for long. We need to see each other soon, so please contact me when you can, but soonest possible.

Feeling relieved, but sceptic of that encounter I went ahead to make sure that my night goes as planned. I was determined about that. Something was telling me that everything was not alright.

I got my drink, for you can’t enter the bar without one then as is my habit stood without talking to anybody as I sipped my drink. I thought I ordered soft drink, but I was feeling the effects of alcohol. After about twenty minutes I changed positions. And went to a new corner. With many intentions, that I might find somebody to talk to, and who knows, people say you have to take initiative to partner with anybody. I was seeing some smiles and very promising night. And that was tempting me to change my schedule.

What shifted me like wheat was the face of ssss. I quickly made uncalculated move. Finished up my drink and got out. Towards the station and headed home. You could have stayed, probably ssss could have helped you to counter what is the deepest secrets of your life. But I managed to convince me that my plan was not to stay the whole night, I was to catch the last train anyway.

ssss was supposed to be leading the choir the following day, a Sabbath. Why was he there? He is a pastors kid, why was in this place? He told me when we met that he was planning to get married, whey did he go to gay district? When he met me a few minutes ago hew showed me his devotional notes, of how committed a Christian he was, was he a part of ssss sssssss? Was the reason of me connecting with him why we, that special feeling of a ssss who understand me, the reason he was at Shinjuku?

If this is your world, I must say, there is a wonder. The sight of you gave me power. I didn’t feel guilty seeing you. Although I wasn’t ready to meet you that time, to fulfil my plan of half night, I felt complete. That I am not alone. We could be in this together. That feeling of somebody swims in your waters! What a feeling!

So the wonder is, that if we open up to each other, we fond not only treasure, but filth, things that connects us to each other, that which kills us from inside thinking we are all alone, it in others too. Open your heart, and if the other be genuine and frank, you find it easy to live because you are assured after all that you’re not that lonely. There are more wonders out there.

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