One day in the palace could change your life, but how to get there?

In the past one week, a story of a courageous young man from the slums of NAIROBI has been filing the media headlines. After the final performance by the kenya national secondary schools drama festivals, the winners are given a rare chance of presenting their pieces to the head of state. It is during one of such sessions that the name of a boy performing otonglo became Anonymous with the kenyan media. Excellent display of courage and charisma. After a great show, the boy concluded by asking the president to tweet him.

Thanks to the media, the background of the boy came to the public. Raising everyone’s concern. The kenyan spirit of harambee was perfectly displayed with hundreds offering a hand of help.

What is important is that the boy, to me is actually a minor indication of the situation that is real in the while republic. But we all are so good on responding to crisis. That’s when we run to pour our money when the media call for help. And there’s entirely nothing wiring with that. Question of concern is how many of our potentially able youths go unnoticed every single day?

You don’t wanna condemn a rescue of a needy child, everybody will curse you to the bottomless pit. So the president in his usual style knew what pleases the masses. He offered to full scholarship and support to the family declaring him as one of his sons. My question is, how many are out there, gifted and able yet will never have their stories highlighted or catch the attention of re head of state? As the head of state, is the president going to make his sons every talented young men and women out there?

Our eyes need to go beyond the visible. The public pressure and demand that structures for real tapping of potential be put in place. Did I remember Moi and the goodies besides the road? Is it kenyatta son of Jomo or son of Moi?

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