Little things that inspire

I have forced myself to be a morning person. To be honest, I don’t know clearly if I fit anywhere I terms of he hours I work best at. Getting up early in the morning has had many added advantages to me. I rarely get up in time, meaning I’m always rushing to catch up the right train.

Today is one of the many days I did the same thing I’ve been training myself to do. But today was a little bit unique, I was late as in the many cases as it happens to get the train the to expected. But this also turned up to be a moment of refreshing to me. There are unusually many students on the way. Controlling my brake less bike wasn’t easy on a road full of peaceful looking kids unaware of the danger that I was.

There’s a school which I see everyday on my way. Thanks to the huge presence of the kids by the road, I got a chance to think carefully about what they engage in every morning. It’s a chilly morning today. But the enthusiastic kids are rolling the balls, I guess in practice to become sports men in the future. There’s a teaching standing by watching and giving instructions. I can hear his voice as I pass. What a perfect opportunity. Those who call it common sense might urge that it’s a waste of precious hours to wake up and jump around! They should be in the class studying, making use of the best hours of the day. Questions of what defines the best. I’m learning to make use of the mornings. Not sure yet if they are the best for me. I think assuming that we could make perfect decisions for others is a messy Bussiness. We don’t want to get ourselves into such muddy affairs.

I near the station and get to see one more bunch of students. All dressed up smartly and warring for the bus. They somehow make me think of my days. Should be fifteen years ago or so. When my eyes lad on them, I think of how fresh their dreams are. And that makes me envy them. But then in self comfort I think, I’m still young, my dreams may have had many huddles but huge opportunities lay ahead of me. I ain’t gonna stop.

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