Sneezing, Pollen allergy, and Healing. 

Today my friend addressed me as a pastor. He had a genuine concern. He doesn’t want to travel overseas because I said that I ceased being a pastor. I should let you know the this was my biggest of all my passions. That was before I met the church that wasn’t what I knew as church.

I’m writing today because I have been reminded by a sneezing salary man about yesterday.

End of March and begginning of April is a terrible season for me. The pollination process makes my eyes itchy and ceaseless running nose.

I have a special hatered for medicines. Not for religious reasons or anything close to that. Just a choice to hate.

I Japan though I have an easier way to control my allergy infections. Putting on surgical masks. It’s not super perfect effective. But it does help hugely.

I have noted that many people of my race have problems when foreigners put on masks. Japanese get surprised too.

I went to church yesterday with my mask on. I normally do not stay after church to chat with fellow brethrens. I prefer coffee shops alone. It helps me run away from loads of stupidity.

But this day I stayed. I wanted to catch up and see if I’m my own enemy in matters socializing.

Apparently my mask was to become a subject of prayer. Since you can’t really be quiete during socializing moments, I did explain the reason I had a mask on. The allergy.

I love prayers. I’ve always credited my present strength to passionate prayers I made in my tender age and those of the brethrens too. But this was annoying.

I accepted the offer to be prayed on. And the vervent cry began. I was declared well and healed. Ordered to get rid of my mask. It was a show of disbelief. And be good brothers declared themselves protected from any possible contamination. I guess by me.

I didn’t spend much time after the prayer in the church hall. I went home. And then thinking in depth about that I incident, I concluded that now I’m in anyway enlightened in limited senses of why Ebola outbreak was easy to spread in west Africa. I should speculate that my prayer bother was a western Africana.

Back to the sneezing Japanese salary man. You above all are well aware that a mask does besides preventing a possible calamity in essence extricates you of the shame of spitting on others.

Players continuously want to make you hate the game. But the nature of the game outlives the character of the players.

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