What makes you?

It’s common of me to get distracted by events near me though I work in a tight Japanese management environment. My eyes caught attention of young boy, supposedly in his early teens. He is wearing a black loose T-shirt with inscription; life is what you make of it. Which led me to thinking. He is talking happily with a man in his fiftys. The man is smoking, which is normal to me. In a short while, the young teen also lights up his cigar. My thoughts go deep into the systement in his T-shirt.

Some might want to argue that he has chosen, and he has made that decision for himself. But without going into complicated details, might agree that he is in tender age. Where he receives not what he decides on his own but what the nearest others give. Life is what the dad has made for him. Dad thinks smoking is cool and no dangerous. The boy takes without thinking of if he will struggle with the habit in the years ahead.

I am not suggesting that much can be done. Our loves are designed by others. Not just ourselves. Life is not what we make of it. It is what others make it for us. There are things we do without thinking because not we choose but some good people chose for us.

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