The heart and art of giving

It has been over three months since I set hands to doing campaign staff with the UNHCR. The greatest thing about this job is that I get to ask myself what I want to do future. I also get to meet varying mindset especially on issues of giving. At the same time, I have started to ask the validity of humanitarian crisis organizations. What’s the future like for them? How valid are they going to be in the near future.

Though the response is slow, Japanese attitude towards giving is encouraging. But how accountable are the organizations that they pour their money to? I have perspectives about the models that can be employed to make better meaning. But I will wait for the appropriate chance to expound that.

What I can point out for now is that the future brings more challenges than opportunities. Human help focused organizations must recreate themselves. Or they will become extinct. They must be 21st century sensitives and more be young minded. For now we can only say, they are trying.

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