Taxi D; The Amazing Benevolence

The most amazing acts of kindness do at times come from the most unexpected places. It’s about taxi driver again. But this time a complete turn around. But before that, my work here has been extremely unexciting. But I’m not worried about that. Because it’s not my line of purpose anyway. So today I was thinking why I should literally struggle to keep myself here. Holding on to something that I have no joy at completely.

But then I remembered. That  I rejoice in taking on challenges. Making new discoveries and being thoughtful in difficult situations is what I like most. But let make that story for another day. For now, we pick on where we left.

The taxi driver: Maybe this is the best one so far. On a rainy Saturday I pass by, intending to avoid the guard at my hostels. He’s overly talkative. And getting unnecessarily helpful and close. I so much appreciate such people. But I can’t deny that I’m choosy too. I pick who I want to talk to and hang out with. Selectively social, you might say. But you get it, this day I was avoiding him. So when he offers the kindness of asking the taxi driver to take me where I wanted, I insist that I was going to walk. This was half true half lie. I was still making up my mind.

But the drizzling scared me. So after twenty something steps I get on to an already stopping taxi. An old man is seated by. He doesn’t seem like he is ready to do business. But I didn’t ask for permission to get in either. I sat with an assumption that we are ready to go. Take me to the UN. So I say. He has no idea what or where that is.

After a blind exchange of Thai phrases we decide to go and make a u turn. That’s all I know. The rest will make it’s own way. Nobody talks to another. Dead silence is in the car all along. But I can feel the need to talk from him. He’s an old guy. And I rarely talk to old people. I was told it’s a way of showing respect. Credit to my dad’s strictness.

We eventually talk. Otherwise we won’t figure out our destination. Lucky I remember the place so I could help in navigation. Talking of which, the Navis are quite helpful I think. Most taxi drivers won’t be as lost as they sometimes seems to be.

It’s not far away. After being in traffic for a few minutes we arrive. I get my wallet and I had only 1,000 baht notes. Feeling extremely rich. I pass it to him. I’m so much ashamed to learn that he doesn’t have change. And my heart hasn’t made up its mind to tip 900 baht.

It’s fine. Have a nice day. So he says. I’m speechless. You can’t do that. But he smiles with a heart. I’ve never felt such a bless. So the very same people that I was feeling like they were to change or at least shape a negative image of me  in this place have become amazing treasures of what humanity is.

Open your eyes. Cease wholesale generalisations. There is immeasurable love, kindness, and humane in us. A mine to be explored.

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