What’s in a dream?

I had accumulated fatigue when I went to sleep last night. I sensed that possibilities of oversleep were quite high. I was so much looking forward to a good rest. Which made me take a glass of wine to facilitate a good sleep; theories I need to research on for a tangible proof.

I got up at 2. I am accustomed to this, it was not a surprise. But it was a surprise because besides Monday, the rest of the days got a purpose that I wake up to face. I grabbed a cup of caffè latte I had bought previously.

Then I got into a dreamland. There’s a guy in my house now. Spending there before he probably finds a place of his own. He looks like he is home though, so I doubt if he will be moving soon. I do I like my space. But I’m naturally generous too, so I’ve got no words to kindly chase him away. I dislike most when I wake up to find him laying down on the carpet naked. What crosses my mind each time is “a corpse”. It’s nothing actually, but I’m possessed with perfection nature.

This morning after a short break from a good sleep he was there again, naked. Maybe this made me dream. He was the subject of the dream.

I had a three-year kid I loved too much. And the kid knew this well. We are in the company of the guy. I signal the kid to come over towards me for a hug. He smiles and starts to move towards me. Somehow I disappear. But he still is coming, he can sense where I am.

On his way, he meets the guy. The guy lifts him up with his one hand. It’s near a balcony. He hangs the kid and jokingly drops him to the ground floor. I take note and ran to save my dear kid. He is at pains. But manages a smile.

I wake from the sleep. Thinks about it but the only thing I can say is that the guy is so evil. Soon sleep catches up with me. And suddenly I resume the same dream. A continuation from where we left. Which is real amazing.

This time a crowd of people known to me have gathered. The theme is trying to work out justice for the kid. The bad guy is called and made to sit before a panel of great men acting as judges. He is adamant, refuses to apologize and stands his ground that he was right. He takes the room by surprise. Everybody seems to wonder what makes him see no sense in apologizing.

The kid turns to me and asks, “were you a part of this?”  Leaving me with nothing to say. Only staring at the guy and hoping he comes back to his senses. I am so much afraid that he has ruined my friendship with the kid. The value of the our friendship is way deeper that of him and I.

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