Race and voice; beauty in Japanese silences

I got up early today morning. Not because I wanted, but driven by the worries of not wanting to be late. I never realized that I was late till I got to the station and thought that something must be funny with train time schedule. It’s a weekend so I did expect some few changes. I ignored the schedule at first, and readied myself to getting at work station late.

Sooner, I discover that I was one hour early. I just lost one hour of relaxing in the house. To make up for my time, I decide sit at MacDonald’s. It’s always relaxing taking breakfast at any Japanese coffee places or fast food stores. Some MacDonald’s stores are crowded by “homeless” like individuals. But depending on where. The place I’m at is relatively ok.

I grab my 100yen coffee and prepare to read a theological text-book. It’s not an easy read. I was trying to read all the way since boarding the train, and there was little breakthrough. I ain’t giving up yet. So I am ready to go through it.

After reading two lines, I got completely carried away by the a conversation of two ladies bedside me. It’s actually not a conversation, but a monologue. One lady seems to be carrying the day, leaving the colleague nodding in appreciation or should I call it frustration. I am unable to read. Her voice is way too high for my concentration. I can’t get what language it is, but it sounds Arabic.

Then I pose to think. Is it really noise? Why am I irritated? I won’t say that it’s not disturbing since it is. Two ladies of Japanese race are actually closer to me than the Arabic sounding conversation. They look intimate. I admire the beauty of their conversing.

It might be the tone. I don’t know. But I like being surrounded by Japanese in a coffee shop. The sound of two people conversing is like a soft music playing. I can bear it the whole day. But within two minutes of listening to the lady, I was almost planning an exit. But she went first.

Teach me how to speak in such discipline. Without intimidating myself or others. Without feeling inferior. Teach me to think about the nearest other. To give them an environment that ministers peace to them. That even though I speak not to them, their worries are not magnified by my inconsiderate public behavior.

I think I am racist in this issue. Japanese takes the lead in public places related behaviours. Not because they are good but because they were born in the land of the rising sun.

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