When you’ve Found Something Worth Fighting for, only then do you Start to Live…Maybe

Needless to say, the most common thing in all of us is the feeling of “the urge to give up”. I doubt if a day passes by without questions of how the future looks like. This happens to all of us. But to some it is an issue of concern, to others it is not, hence such people feel that life is smooth.

Other times we feel like our inner emotions must be understood by everyone around us. When we feel not understood, we go mad. We agonise in the deepest of our hearts. We fight back. Sometimes feeling like we are hated, and unwanted.

It is such a time, when the fighting moments come by that we get a chance to deeply understand what drives us. Although we live with a full knowledge of who and what we are, we cannot fathom fully what we are. The answer to our identity is both inside of us, but most importantly it is reflected in the significant others.

The crush and interactions with the significant others is crucial to revealing who we are. That is when we come out fighting, because it is not just what we champion that is endangered but our very own being: the what we are! When the feeling to fight knocks your doors, it is not necessarily a time to strategize how to make peace. It is time to grasp the fact that what underlies the fight is the philosophy of who you are. If such moments come everyday, the more focused you become in managing both yourself, in terms of who you are, and others in terms of making peace and living in unity with diverse people.

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