Passion and Placement of Responsibilities

For whatever reason, I got up today pondering on the title “ambassador of goodwill”. A title given to prominent personalities, basically celebrities, who have been assigned task of popularizing an organization. My thought might have been inspired by the fact that the previous day I was reading about UNDP where I came across a Japanese ambassador of goodwill. She has been reigning for ten years. I might want to blame my ignorance for coming across her name this late. Nevertheless, I thought about her profile. And the countries she has visited. Then about the goals of UNDP. Then my theory of development. I don’t know this lady. So I don’t want to spend time writing about her. Only what came to mind I will write.

My mind tells me. We cannot tackle poverty in Africa from Tokyo, or other big cities of the world. For the simple reason; “theories” don’t work. They only act as guidelines. What difference would there be if an ambassador of goodwill was a person who has had experience with issues at hand looking for solutions? Imposing titles on famous characters is like having a cow unwilling to drink water, trying to force it down hill to the streams to take water. My uncle always said, “you can force the cow to go downhill, but you won’t succeed in having it take water”. Our works must be ignited by passion. Otherwise we will follow the manual given by the managers, become very successful personally because of the fat salary but the problems and issues that we mean to address will remain unsolved. Of course this will guarantee that our tenure in office is longer and secure. The demon of me and I alone, never minding about the poor that have no voice to speak with.

On a lighter note. As I was boarding the train today, I noted a guy who takes similar time as I. All the days he is carrying an umbrella and a bento. How comes I never value such things? Why don’t they make meaning to me. Especially the bento!

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